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Project Management

Aspiant provides project management assistance as a lead into software development via agile methodologies. We assist clients in the rapid gathering of requirements and prototyping of systems allowing for quick turn-around from first contact to project initiation. We try to minimize time spent in up-front design and attempt to get working systems in front of end-users in small, incremental steps, allowing for quick validation. Agile methodologies keep the project focused on delivering business value, presenting sponsors with visible and frequent feedback and progress reports, and result in a higher return on investment on almost all projects. Successful project management is usually exhibited by keeping the implementation and design teams productive by alleviating road blocks that would hinder productivity by means of frequent communication with project stakeholders.
Project Management

Architecture Consultation

The wrong architecture choice for a project can mean failure of a project from the outset, but the problems of bad architectures might not ever become apparent. Architecture choices often are not only inadequate but also overly complex. Too many architects follow one type of architecture regardless of the project's requirements. The size of the project, concurrency of usage, re-use of components, and other criteria are often not considered or are considered needlessly. A successful architecture meets the business requirements with a minimal set of components in order to maximize the return on investment made into the project by the sponsors. Aspiant provides architecture assistance in any phase of a project, although we recommend contrasting as many architecture options as early as possible to weigh pros and cons and decide on a near ideal approach ahead of implementation.

Project Implementation

There is nothing more important to the successful outcome of a project than a capable team of implementers. Regardless of the quality of requirements definitions, the appropriateness of the architecture, and the delivery mechanism, there is nothing more critical to the process than the development effort itself. It requires a strong team of developers, which are technically capable, great at communication, diligent, and capable of questioning what is presented to them in a constructive manner to transform a project vision into reality.
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